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“What you heard, although it was between the robbers, was intellectual intelligence. Many people have it and they are heading it sometimes towards evil, some other times towards good. The intelligent one can solve difficult life problems. 'The wise man is not he who can escape from trouble, but the one who sees it ahead of time and knows to avoid it'*16, bearing in mind principles, as our wealthy man. Because intelligence does not necessarily suppose the good, it has a practical meaning, a worldly significance and not a noble value, in relation to the spirit and love of the…”

…is a great conqueror in point of relationships with others, especially among us, those of the sublunar area. It contaminates you with his hopes lively and beautiful for the future; you invigorate quickly and fully, if you are inclined to sadness. Once, while he was writing, making a nice squiggle to the letter I, I was telling myself 'Therefore it’s not enough to cross the t’s, if you don’t add a nice little twirl! '. When we engage ourselves in a subtle talk, or when he proposes us to accompany him somewhere, to demonstrate me some particular fact, referring to the funny side of reality, *25 he asks me 'So what shall we do, my dear, we walk or take a carriage? ', and I, since I know what he alludes to, answer…
(Translation mrs.Monica Vizonie)
Autor : Spiridon Misava
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