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Their eyes
Their eyes
“They are very old. Very few of them are under two centuries old. They may look like a 30 years old person on the planet, but they can change things here, too, and they choose to seem older or younger, to have white hair, blond or other. They may grow a beard or not, their eyes are full of gentleness and you don’t need to ask them twice for something; they are helping you right away if you have a reasonable need. Often they get ahead of you and solve a problem for you without even having to be asked to. They are always ready to make gifts and they don’t like you to be sad; they have the ability to cheer you up. There are also Grandparents who put on their heads, when they go to bed, some light, fluffy, skillfully embroided bonnets. They kindle fires in fireplaces conceived by themselves; not because they would need them, but they like that their guests feel as good as possible and the atmosphere to inspire warmth.” 58 - TKG
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'Unpleasant and painful for some people is that they lose their balance, but sad or serious to others is that they want to restore the imbalance, and their adventure of hiding in the sand is even more unwise than the research of a phenomenon' 104 - TKG
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