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The Flower of the planet
The Flower of the planet
"The Sun was lighting with predilection the Flower†9
many Messengers were freely expressing their feelings
worshipping the image of this enlivening apparition.
At the Retentionists though, the reaction was a typical one,
they were thrusting their heads in the sand.
straightened beings, or inclined beings
right ideas, or obsolete conceptions.
The miracle of the Flower, denied*14 by the Retentionists
was fully ignored among many others.
The air became loaded and the stifling
the refined smell of altruism, tended to disappear
the cruelty towards the poor and hunger were gaining ground
and the thorns and grasses of selfishness were exhaling."
(Translation mrs.Monica Vizonie)
Autor : Spiridon Misava
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