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Furious attack and support
Furious attack and support
''Realizing he might be discovered after finding the opening in the ceiling, he started to look for an empty room. He found one and forced the access. Knowing its interiors and what was waiting for him, he decided to sell his life dearly. He emptied the water from two fire extinguishers and filled them with a flammable solution. He changed his clothes, took some lighters and two boxes with poisonous vials, there, and put them in his pockets, drew a cap on his head, not to be recognized, then he went out, cautiously, with the fire extinguishers to the university theatre where most of them were gathering during the breaks. He climbed on a lateral ladder and got to the balcony where there was no one, but from where he could see them all, on the ground floor. He put the fire extinguishers on the ground and took out the book, decided to see what the text reading effect would be on the whole assembly. But he hardly opened it that the students and the stuff identified him.
…….. …….. …….
He reacted and immediately took out the book from his chest, but the enemy who was looking out for him from the shadows, jumped at him. The others, who were further, quickly advanced and immobilized him. A student grabbed the book from his hands, to the despair of its possessor, who was feeling defeated and desperate. Nearby, the headmaster Zangabil shouts:
“Let’s see what’s the book he has! ”
Falmonelia spat at the people:
“Hold him! Stop, stop! We’ll give him a drama to remember.”''
Autor : Spiridon Misava
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