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Ch.III A Fairytale Night
Ch.III A Fairytale Night
"As soon as he uttered the word Grandfather, as if he had told earthquake, the four skittered, some by the tractor sides, some other perched on the cab, and their father was stepping strongly on the acceleration control pedal. But like blazes to get rid of such a determined guy. He could be seen clearly now under the fire light, the character who was coming, a tall old man, with long hair and beard, and dressed after the local way of dressing. As soon as he got there, the Grandfather called on them, as begging for their help:
“Eviewich, wait for me to tell you a Fairytale, as I don’t have someone else! Wait, pops’ outsprings! ”
Without waiting for the answer, he said bluntly:
“'The Kind Grandparents used to say that on the waters of the river Kalka …'”

Lemi was the first to block hearing all these. Forced by the force of Grandfater’s words, Volsh’s foot could not press the pedal anymore; he stopped the engine, got off the car without any appetite for anything and laid down on the ground near the burning fire and the steamy cups" (Translation mrs.Monica Vizonie)
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