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About wisdom
About wisdom
“It was said 'Son! Since your young years chose the education†13 and until your old age you will find wisdom', but if you get to grow old?! ” “From some people’s perspective, more diplomas obtained while passing through schools, mean following this injunction. They are wrong; here is all about spiritual teaching. Not even the fact of having graduated 5 universities does not confer you wisdom. The second error – people think old people are wiser as they have a longer life experience. There is a confusion between the secular life experience of a man and the grace acquired†14 through the moral life, life with noble principles. Artfulness or the ability of getting ahead can mean intelligence only, but 'Among intelligence, there are few principled characters.'*15 Even if you don’t get to old age you can achieve a lot of wisdom; if however you have long days, and you maintain yourself in the Light of good and of the spiritual Love, you increase this wealth of yours.”
*15. a few principled characters* - Mihai Eminescu.
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