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(3) Interlocutions
(3) Interlocutions
“I agree. A man more preoccupied with asceticism, a mystic, once saw a group of conGrandparents with red caps, saying, 'Let’s cut this aged man, as he intends to become a Grandfather! ' Then they cried with anger on him* 'Who has told you nowadays Grandfathers were still made? '. 'And you, who told you they were not made anymore? ' he answered. I want to say that all is still possible. All it takes is for you to want it from all your heart. It’s quite difficult, but still possible to clean up or to ignore the left side furniture. Although the right area would be more abstract, and the positive emotions easier to be cultivated, you shouldn’t be too late there, either. You must seek refuge also on the right, but lower, in a small little room, † that many people are looking for on the left. However until you do that you need an inner harmonization and an as spiritual conduct as possible, therefore.” - TKG 111
Autor : Spiridon Misava
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